Meet the Murphy sisters, three cursed witches determined to find love. When their work their magic, things don’t turn out as planned.

You can find them in our Enchanted series.

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Murphy Sister Facts by Em Shotwell

Here is the thing—I love romance! I do. But I am not your typical romance writer per se. There is always romance in my books—actually there is a lot of romance in my books. There is also quite a bit of, well…murder and “dark stuff” too. I didn’t let this tiny little tidbit stop me—I was ready. I was all in. I was going to be a part of this awesome series!

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What keeps you on track when writing a story?

Honestly, if I have time, then I take a break and read or work on something else. I always give myself a timeline for this, though. Say, I will take a week off and then get back to it.

If I am on a time crunch then I power through. Usually when I go this route, the end result is less than stellar…waaaaay less than stellar. However, it gives me good bones to play with. I can then look at what I’ve written and fix it. If you just quit—then there is nothing to fix.

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How did you come up with the idea for the trilogy?

I had already been toying with the idea of THESE ROOTS RUN DEEP for a while and was planning on subbing a much leaner version to magazines. When Cori tapped me to participate in this anthology and explained the concept, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

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Murphy Sisters of New Orleans Guest Post by Em Shotwell

New Orleans is where their happiest childhood memories are housed, so it was only natural that it is the city where they would settle as adults. Even though their Grandma has passed, her sugary pink house in uptown New Orleans is still their home base (because how could you ever leave a house that can feel your thoughts and lift your spirits?). Each sister has made her way in the world by forging her own path—each leading a life as different from the others as possible. They are still connected, however, through love and magic.

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Get a taste of These Resting Bones

These Resting Bones is Bradley’s story in Magic Flame

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How hard was it to weave together three stories for the Enchanted series?

I loved the idea of writing three inter-weaving stories for this series and was pretty much gung-ho from the beginning. The first version of my first-in-series novella, THESE ROOTS RUN DEEP, was actually told from each of the Murphey sisters’ alternating points of view. In the end, we decided that since we were limited by word count, it would be best to devote an entire novella to each sister.

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