Mary wants her first Christmas with Cairn to be special, so in between practicing her magic, taking care of the farm and taking Cairn into her bed whenever possible, she’s making him a gift.

Cairn knows exactly what he wants to give Mary for Christmas, but providing it will require a huge personal sacrifice. He likes to make Mary smile but is that reward enough to make it worth the price he’ll have to pay?


Cairn watched Mary prepare the teleportation circle. This was one of the first spells Mary had taught herself, and it was a powerful one. The five miles between the village and her farm stretched her limits, but even so it was a far more powerful spell than any Erzabet had managed, and she had years of study.

Mary lit the tiny piles of herbs with four different matches so that their smoke could lace the air, then reached for his hand. At her touch, Cairn banished all thoughts of Erzabet and focused solely on Mary. Mary and their intended destination—the cellar beneath her house.

The world swirled and spun, a spinning vortex of white, like snowflakes and fog and tear gas (which he only knew about from Michael, Mary’s brother who was serving on the front lines in France). This swirling and twisting didn’t burn, though it made his belly lurch uncomfortably, but within a half dozen heartbeats they were safely inside Mary’s home, the fog had lifted and it was as if nothing had happened.

The cellar was completely absent of light, but that didn’t stop Cairn from being able to see perfectly. “Do you want a light?” he asked. “Or shall we go upstairs?

He knew the answer to his question before he asked—casting spells boosted Mary’s libido like little else—but he couldn’t resist asking, because it meant she’d have to answer and he loved the notes in her voice when she told him she wanted him.

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“Oh dear God … this book is HOT. My husband actually read one of the sex scenes and said, “All men should read this so they know what to do.” Bahaha!! I just love Mary as a fiery heroine, and Cairn is to die for. Both characters are beautiful, complex, and overflowing with sensuality. It’s a short read, so if you’re looking for an erotic pick-me-up, this is the book for you.”

Sara Dobie Bauer

author, Bite Somebody

“Undeniably sensual, full of heart, and with a healthy dose of darkness and magic, The Longest Night is the perfect little sexy snack! (Also, who knew horns could be so hot!)”

Tiffany Michelle Brown

author, Spin

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