Blakey’s Story

It’s been five years since Blakey’s beautiful wife Elizabeth died and his grief is just as sharp today as it was back then. But now he’s desperately lonely too. As he becomes closer to his friend Aisleyne, Blakey fights it with everything he has. How could he even think about moving on? No, friendship is all he has to offer. That will have to be enough.


Five minutes went by before Ais made an appearance. When she walked in, Blakey drank the sight of her in. Wearing a basque of the deepest scarlet and matching briefs and stockings, she looked like a goddess. A screen siren. She wore red high heels that emphasised the beautiful length of her legs. Circling her bare thigh like a garter was a tattoo of blue roses. He’d etched it himself a year ago.

She stood in the doorway, a hand on her cocked hip. “Is this what you wanted?”

His entire body tightened at the sight of her. “Oh, yes. You look…” He wanted to say she was stunning or beautiful but it didn’t fit the mood between them so he settled on, “You look so sexy, Ais. Good enough to eat.”

Those were the only words they said and it was more than usual. She stalked towards him, her eyes never leaving his face. Blakey stared at everything; her firm breasts, her flat stomach, her creamy thighs, her flowing hair, her lips slick with gloss. All of it. Every part of her was just what he needed right now.

When she came close enough, he reached out and pulled her onto him, marvelling at the heat of her body. His hands were everywhere, sliding up and down her curves, and she was shameless in her response… Her skin smelled and tasted of lilies and peonies. It was the glorious smell of Aisleyne.

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Word Count: 29,100 words
Kink Level: Vanilla

ISBN 978-1-988233-51-2 (Electronic)
ISBN 978-1-988233-50-5 (Physical)

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