A year ago today, Ravenous, the third book in our Triskaidekaphilia series, was released.

Edited by Ariel Jade, the anthology features eight short stories that explore saucy, sexy, and sweet tales: of forbidden vampire/vampire hunter love, vampire threesomes in space, kink as only a vampire could enjoy it… and so much more.

To give you an idea, here’s a round-up of posts and promos that were done for the book.


R. Michael Burns on his story Eyes of a Stranger

…the tale started out as a sort of vampiric cat-and-mouse, but became something of a meditation on the beauty of impermanence. But when I wrote it, I didn’t know the theme, just the characters and what they were going to do. I wrote the first scene, where the two meet at a performance art show in a darkened loft, because the visuals struck me so vividly. When the two encounter one another, the unnamed woman speaks enthusiastically about how the beauty of performance art lies in its ephemeral nature.

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Artwork by Jaap Boekestein

Excerpt from Light Play

by Jaap Boekestein

You check your skirt and blouse for the last time. He demands your appearance be immaculate.

It is.

With a dry throat, you knock on the door of The Room. You are on edge. It is late in the day, some time after noon. Outside, the cruel sun burns. In the house, everything is dark. Heavy curtains keep out Death. You have slept until late in the guest room, woken by the nag-ging alarm clock. Such an unholy hour!

It takes ten seconds. You cannot hear him. The door is soundproof, like the rest of The Room.

Psshh. The door opens. He stands in the opening.

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Palladian Excursions: Polyamory and Planet Hopping by V. Hummingbird

When you’re looking to read a vampire story, you’re looking for certain things. One, you’re looking for blood play, whether or not you’d put it in those words. Two, you’re looking for a certain kind of power dynamic. You’re looking for danger. You’re looking for a fantasy (in this case, especially, a sexual fantasy) in which the concept of consensual dominance can be explored.

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Celebrate Ravenous‘s birthday with an evening of vampire movies, music, and food

Guest post by Christine Belgarde gives you everything you need for an evening of fun!

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From Fairytale Retelling to Romantic Bloodbath by Tiffany Michelle Brown

“A Taste of Revolution” did not start out as a politically charged vampire romance featuring a kick-ass, blue-haired heroine. Nope, it started out as a fairytale. Well, my attempt to marry the Cinderella story with a band of ruthless, power hungry, we-like-to-prey-on-humans-because-it’s-fun vampires.

What can I say, I like a challenge.

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Get your copy of Ravenous today!

Dark. Brooding. Tortured. Sexy.

Vampires are a mystery, morphing through history from maligned villains to sparkling saviors and back again. They can be the ultimate bad boys, the supreme seductresses, or the evil monsters. They fascinate and repel us at the same time. What other creature can steal into your bedroom in the depths of the night to stalk or protect? What other ancient being is so accessible yet so powerful? What other enigma is desired as much as feared?

Cross the threshold into a world of insatiable heroes and voracious heroines. RAVENOUS explores saucy, sexy, and sweet tales: of forbidden vampire/vampire hunter love, vampire threesomes in space, kink as only a vampire could enjoy it… and so much more.

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