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As we count down the days until release, some of the contributors wanted to share some further insight into their stories and tempt you with a peek.

Today, in our final post, Sara Dobie Bauer discusses her story “Forever Dead.”


Art, Music, and Men: Enter the Immortal World of “Forever Dead”


Pen and Kink Publishing’s newest anthology Ravenous features tales of sexy vampire love. My story, “Forever Dead,” is no exception. It’s sexy and dark and … brutal … and features two male leads who are meant for each other in the worst way.

Zach Mede is a vampire hunter, and Dario is the thing he hunts. After an epic brawl, of course they’re going to have sex and fall in love, right? In homage to forbidden love, enter the world of “Forever Dead” through art, aesthetics, music, and men.



1. The Art.

Arizona artist Turner G. Davis gifted me with this amazing art, featuring our star-crossed boys during a critical moment in “Forever Dead.” Turner’s work is fantastically creepy, so be sure to check out more at








2. The Aesthetic.

“Forever Dead” is gritty and dark. It reads more like a noir thriller than a love story—but it is a love story. Despite all the fights and rather violent lovemaking, Zach and Dario are stupidly in love with each other. This aesthetic board encompasses the vibe of two bad boys who can’t get enough.

(Photo credits: Bastian, CiaDeFoto, George Lindley, Hanzlers Warped Visions, Picturepest, and Rene Silbernagei.)






3. The Music.
I love all things Banks, but her song “Before I Ever Met You” is perfect for Zach and Dario. It’s dark, sensual, and badass with lyrics that fit together almost as well as my male leads: “Before I ever met you, I never knew that I liked to be kissed for days. Before I ever met you, I never knew I could be broken in so many ways …”




4. The Men.
I don’t know why I think a black-haired Benedict Cumberbatch would look so cute with Alexander Skarsgard … but I do. Fearless detective Zach is based on a young Benedict, while Dario is based on the sexy Mr. Skarsgard. Movie adaptation, anyone?


Excerpt From “Forever Dead”

(*Note: Following excerpt contains coarse language)


When he noticed me with the case file in my lap, his jaw clenched.

“Jesus, don’t worry. I won’t spill anything on it.” I tossed the file on the table by the bed and watched him step into an impossibly tight pair of black boxer briefs. My teeth marks were everywhere: upper chest, lower chest, shoulder, and inside thigh—places you’d only see if Zach was in the buff. I liked to think he wore my marks like secret trophies. There was even a mouth-shaped bruise where I’d sucked his neck hours before.

He sat on the edge of the bed with his back to me.

“What’s up with the case?” I asked.

“What are you doing in New York, Dario? You hate the cold,” he said.

“I get bored. You know that.”

He rubbed the back of his neck like his muscles might be sore. They probably were after the acrobatics we just pulled. “A vampire is murdering people.”

“It happens. Why are you so obsessed?”

He looked back at me. “Who says I’m obsessed?”

I chuckled.

“She’s jumping cities.”

I leaned forward. “You think it’s a she?”

“Yeah. Witnesses say the victims leave bars with some chick, but she never looks the same. Redhead. Blonde. Brunette. Long hair. Short hair.” He buried his head in his hands. “Damn chameleon.”

“How do you know the murders are connected?”

Zach seemed hesitant to say. He fell onto his back next to me and stared at the ceiling.

“What?” I asked.

“She’s leaving me notes.”

Something twisted inside me: something bad, like a tiny gremlin chewed my diaphragm. “You personally?”

“Yeah, me personally.”

“Show me.”

“No. You’ll get pissed.”

“I’m already pissed. Show me the notes.”

He reached for his phone on the bedside stand. I watched the glowing screen light the sharp edges of his face. Absently, I brushed hair off his forehead, which made him shoot me a glare. He didn’t like when I got cute.

“Here.” He handed me the phone.

I scrolled through photos taken of hand-written notes, each splotched on the edges with blood. The script was small, feminine, and easy to read. She addressed each note to “Detective Mede.” The notes had nothing to do with murder. The notes read like love letters: You’re stunning in that grey suit. … What’s your blood type? … I wonder what talented things your lovely mouth could do. All signed “XOXO.”

I wasn’t exactly pissed. More terrified. This woman, this killer, reminded me an awful lot of myself.



About The Author

Sara Dobie Bauer is a bestselling author, model, and mental health advocate with a creative writing degree from Ohio University. She lives with her hottie husband and two precious pups in Northeast Ohio, although she’d really like to live in a Tim Burton film. She is author of the paranormal rom-com Bite Somebody, among other ridiculously entertaining things. Learn more at

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Cross the threshold into a world of insatiable heroes and voracious heroines. RAVENOUS explores saucy, sexy, and sweet tales: of forbidden vampire/vampire hunter love, vampire threesomes in space, kink as only a vampire could enjoy it… and so much more.

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