Officially this post is intended to reveal the covers for Mara Malin’s INKomplete series but we’ve also got some exciting news to go along with the eye-candy.

We’re so excited about this series that we are going to do things a little bit differently when it comes to releasing it. Instead of spreading the release of the four books out over months or years, we are going to offer the first book, INKarnate, to you today and then launch the rest all on the same day — November 6th.

And that’s not all! Because INKarnate is technically a reprint (it was originally published in kINKED) we’re going to give it to you for FREE!

We suggest you check out the book covers below, download your free copy of INKarnate and then pre-order your copies of the next three books to be sure you get them the moment they become available! (Of course, we’re a bit biased)

Get it now!

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Amazon (US) (CA) (UK)

Amazon (US) (UK)

Unfortunately Amazon won’t let us list a book for free, the lowest price we are allowed to set is $0.99. However, if you wanted to report us to Amazon using the ‘Report a lower price’ option, we fully endorse that 🙂

Out of Print

Out of Print

Out of Print

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