Now that you’ve heard so much about Of Water by Cori Vidae, how about a little taste?

Cori’s Erotica Under The Glass is done using prompts from people, which is how this story came about. She was given an image, which she used for the cover, and Of Water was born.

Mara’s life has imploded and while struggling to stay afloat in a sea of depression, she wades out into the ocean. There, embraced by the water, surrounded by stars and aided by a man who is not just a man, she rediscovers her will to live.

Of Water (Excerpt)

By Cori Vidae


A sudden, desperate need to rid herself of the mourning dress she wore gripped her and she ripped it open, sending two buttons into the ocean—plink, plink—and tore it from her body. It floated at her feet, a darker black than the sea, completely heedless of the stars whose reflections it was blocking. She felt it brush against her ankle and shuddered. Even that contact was too much and she fled from it. From the shore, from her little house up on the cliffs. From reality.

She splashed through the water wearing little more than her slip. The slip drank up the ocean as she went deeper, becoming heavy and clingy. She tasted salt on her lips and knew not whether it was from the ocean or her tears. Or perhaps they were one and the same?

The moon, full and glorious, rippled in the water before her and, arms up over her head, she dove into it, through it, and down into the darkness.

The whole world went still and silent. Sand particles drifted before her, like fallen constellations, and above her the moon and her brethren shone down cold and eternal.

Mara burst through the surface, filled her lungs and began to swim. Further out. Away from shore, from the skeleton of her life. Her clothes, slight as they were, tried to hold her back and she slipped out of them, slick as an eel, and left them floating like ghosts in her wake.

Stroke by confident stroke, she swam out past the seal’s rocks, past the point, out of her little bay and into the great big sea. The water was colder, numbing her legs, her heart, her mind, and waves slapped at her with more force.

You are going to die.

The thoughts came to her from nowhere. From everywhere. And it came in Payton’s voice. It struck her like a lightning bolt and locked her in place. I don’t want to die.

It became obvious now, though she hadn’t recognised it at first, that she’d come out here, come home to die—as obvious as the fact she wasn’t done living.

I am going to die, she thought, looking back the way she’d come. The lights from her house seemed as distant as the stars, and her limbs were cold and heavy. She’d come too far. There was no way she could make it back.

Still, she had to try.



Cori Vidae has an amazing talent for writing a great story with the least amount of words, I have loved everything I have read by this author. 


-Goodreads Reviewer

This story was just so emotional yet beautiful.


Goodreads Reviewer

It is a very quick, easy and tantalizing tale full of life, love, sadness, regret, mysteriousness, wonder and a little hope. I was swept up into this story and wasn’t ready for it to finish so soon.

Angela Hayes

-Goodreads Reviewer

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