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Wendy Sparrow has generously provided us with a fun little epilogue scene that belongs in the Servants of Fate universe. This scene takes place after the events of Keeping Time, however, so if you haven’t read that one yet and you’re sensitive to spoilers you may want to back slowly away (and go read the series–it’s on sale right now!–then come back!). If you have read them, or you’re not sensitive to spoilers and want to get another taste of this series check this out:

On Time (For the Wedding)

Wendy Sparrow

“Thank you for letting me stop by my brother’s grave,” Phoebe said, carefully pulling her wedding gown up and into the limo with her. “I hope it won’t make us late.”

Her driver and soon-to-be father-in-law grinned over his shoulder. He’d insisted on driving, but she wasn’t sure why. The man was going to be giving her away—he was part of the wedding party for crying out loud. He shouldn’t have to drive her too. “Time is not a problem.”

Phoebe frowned down at her clenched hands. It was nice of him to say so, but the stop by Phillip’s grave had taken longer than she’d expected, and the chapel was a good thirty-minute drive. They wouldn’t start the wedding without the bride, at least. “It’s just…he was the last of my family, you know? The bride’s side of the chapel is going to look really sparse.” A few friends and coworkers were coming, but they certainly wouldn’t fill up the pews of the place her fiancé had insisted they reserve. “Phillip was all I had left.” Glancing up, she quickly said, “Not that I blame you.”

His dark eyes met her gaze in the rearview mirror. She wasn’t sure what part the man had in the birth and death cycle, but it was a cycle—for mortals anyway. “Thank you, and I’m sorry.”

Phoebe nodded and then looked around, frowning. “Wait, we’re almost there.”


“But, how? We were…ohhhh.” Of course. That was probably why he’d insisted on driving when she’d asked if they could make a stop at the cemetery. He’d frozen time and drove around motionless cars so they’d get to the chapel quickly. “That’s going to take some getting used to,” she admitted. “Um, what should I call you?”

Another smile over his shoulder. Her fiancé had been concerned his father would intimidate her, but he’d always been exceptionally nice the few times they’d met. “My other daughters-in-law call me ‘father’ or ‘dad’ even.”

Phoebe tilted her head. “Isn’t that a little…strange for who you are?”

He shrugged. “I like it. I’m looking forward to being called grandpa.”

“Okay.” Peering out the window, Phoebe’s eyes widened. “Wow, there must be some other event happening. We might have trouble finding parking.” There were hordes of cars parked along the road leading to the chapel.

“No, I asked one of my sons to make sure we could park up front.” He shook his head. “I suggested they carpool, but my sons like to express their individuality in expensive chunks of metal and glass.” Her “driver” sounded rueful.

Phoebe squinted. Was he saying they were all his sons’ cars? Now, she was shocked for a whole new reason. It did look like an exotic car lot all around the chapel. “How many of your sons are here?” There were quite a lot of men in tuxes lingering on the steps as if they were waiting to find seats.

“Most of them couldn’t come, but I feel like I should warn you that while Phillip couldn’t be here in person—in spirit, he provided you with more than enough brothers to ease that absence slightly.” Phoebe’s brother had essentially brought them to this day. It was why she’d insisted on stopping by the cemetery.

A horrific thought wriggled into her brain. “You don’t think they’ll all introduce themselves as brothers of the groom, do you?”

Father Time cleared his throat. “It won’t even occur to them not to.”

“Whoa.” She’d have to figure out some explanation for the, uhh, mortals present. Maybe she could claim all the brothers were like fraternity brothers or adopted. With how many seemed to be present—adopted might be a stretch, especially as they all looked the same age as her fiancé. She narrowed her eyes at the one flirting with her old college roommate.

“After today, you’ll have more family than you’re comfortable with.”

Phoebe couldn’t restrain her smile. Too much family after a lifetime of too little? That would be different, but nice. “I think I can handle it.”

Father Time stopped the limo directly in front of the chapel. He snorted while staring at the men milling around. “Say that again after they all call me ‘father.’”


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