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To help with the wait, here’s a taste of How to Capture Your Match: A Demigods Survival Guide by Wendy Sparrow.

Being the demigod of pain and a bounty hunter in Vegas have made Corbin Slone very aware of one truth: they always ran. When his match, the demigoddess of healing, kissed and ran, they had a problem. Without some very close time together, they’d both die. In that respect, he had no choice but to abduct Tam for a courtship. Tam might be into Corbin, but demigods? The guy was hot, but Corbin was no mythical god, even if he kissed like one. Love might heal the pain of a demigod’s lonely existence, but was it worth the gamble?


How To Capture Your Match: A Demigod’s Survival Guide Excerpt

By Wendy Sparrow

“I’m with the good guys,” he reminded her. Though his nighttime activities sometimes blurred the line on that. He didn’t mind leaving a “scared straight” impression on the criminals he took down as “Captain of Pain.”

That really was a dumb title. It was a shame all the good titles were taken by either superheroes or supervillains. The Punisher would have been a great title.

“But are you really that good?”

“Oh, honey, I’m plenty good if you’d like to find out.”

To his surprise, she laughed. “I walked right into that one.” Her laugh spiked his libido which was the only thing about him that wasn’t drowsy and replete. “I was going straight home, but now I’m thinking I can stop and get some supplies for projects that I’ve been putting off. Since I’m going to be off for a week, I might as well get things done. Like I could paint my house. Ooooh, I could paint it yellow, but not the trim. I could go for a golden yellow—my mother would like that. It’s gray right now, and she keeps telling me it’s too close to black. The trim could be white or blue or red. Red is lucky in my culture. It’s supposed to ward off demons and evil spirits. Though, I’m not sure I believe in things like that.”

“Supernatural magic things?” he asked, fighting a smile. Like demigods with magical powers of healing or the ability to cause pain?

“I might believe in magic,” she admitted. “I’m just not superstitious. The color red is not going to keep bad things away.”

“No. Look. You’re wearing red today and you attracted a crocodile.”

That pert smile made another appearance and she pinched him again.

He grabbed her hand to stop the pinching, and all the amusement dropped from both their expressions. The fabric of his clothing had definitely muffled some of the effect of her touch. Skin on skin was like getting a static shock while touching satin. Her skin was so soft and he felt alive like he never had before. Colors looked brighter. The air hummed with energy.

Her breath caught as her eyes widened. The pupils of her dark eyes dilated and her lips parted in what might be considered a pant.

He felt the same way. From holding her hand. Just that fast, all those sweet, sappy thoughts went into the parental guidance recommended zone. How was it possible to be cool and also on fire?

“I should go,” she whispered.

“Or you could… not.” He stroked his thumb along the silky skin of her palm.

“That might be bad.”

“Then, be bad.”

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