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To help with the anticipation, here’s a taste from Sara Dobie Bauer’s story, Destiny’s Dark Light – Part II.

The love story of Cyan and Liam continues. Due to the violent arrival of a dark witch in Charleston, Cyan’s powers awaken. She is the foretold white witch, fated to save the world, but her skills must be honed with the help of her powerful family. Liam fears the loss of his beloved Zoe while feeling strangely connected to Cyan. His entire life is turned upside-down when wicked witches involve him in the forthcoming War. The search for a dark witch intensifies, as do questions surrounding Liam’s past.



Destiny’s Dark Light – Part II Excerpt

By Sara Dobie Bauer

Liam tried to sit up but couldn’t. Instead, as stomach cramps threatened to make him scream, he curled into a ball. “What’s the matter with me?”

“My mother came here and found you like this. She thinks maybe a bit of alcohol poisoning mixed with fever. She gave you a tincture that should help.”

“Alcohol poisoning.” He winced. “That’s funny, because all I can think about right now is chugging a bottle of expensive wine. Could even be cheap wine. I really don’t give a shit.” His teeth chattered.

Cyan leaned forward cautiously and put her hand on his forehead. “Why aren’t you getting better? You should be getting better.” She pulled the blanket, already in his lap, up over his shoulders and guided his head back to the pillow.

“Are you my watch dog then?”

“I guess.” She sat on the floor in front of the couch. “Although I have been practicing.”

“Practicing for what?”

Her brow furrowed, and she played with the shoelaces of her boots. “It’s kind of a long story.”

“Amazingly enough…” He had trouble swallowing. “I have some time.”

“You should be sleeping.”

“If your story’s boring enough, maybe I will.”

She shook her head, more at his joke than in refusal. “A witch caused the trolley accident.”

“Your father told me.”

She glanced at him. “There’s this old prophecy in the Celtic Book of Shadows. It speaks of the rise of a dark witch and also a light witch, who will save the day. It’s the Dorcha versus the Loach in a great War.”

“The Dorcha is bad. The Loach is good.”

Cyan nodded. “The prophecy is obnoxiously vague, but we do know the lifelines of the Dorcha and Loach will transect.”

“How does it go exactly?”

She seemed hesitant to tell him, as though revealing some grand secret, and perhaps she was—some secret of witches.

“You don’t have to tell me.”

“It’s all about murder and death.” She wrapped her arms around her knees. “Before I was born, my grandmother foretold that I was the Loach, which meant the Dorcha was alive somewhere, as well. My father suspects the dark witch who flipped the trolley might be the Dorcha, which would explain why my powers have arrived.”

“What do you mean, arrived?”

“I didn’t have any powers until the accident. In fact, the first spell I ever cast was to get rid of your headache.”

“I don’t understand,” he said, although he wondered if that was partially due to the slow rock of the room, back and forth, back and forth.

“Part of the prophecy states the powers of the Loach won’t show up until the Dorcha makes an appearance. Their powers feed off each other.”

“And what of this War?”

“The Dorcha wants to cover the world in darkness. The Loach has to stop him.”

“Kill him.”

She nodded.

“Good,” Liam said.

Cyan stared. He wondered if he’d said something wrong but then realized he didn’t care. He’d be willing to kill this Dorcha himself—if he thought he stood half a chance against a man who could flip an entire trolley with the power of magic.


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