Legendary Stats

by Laura Harvey

Sometimes, my job as an editor and anthologist is just a little cooler than usual. Reading great stories and working with diverse authors is already pretty amazing, but sometimes a project comes along that appeals to my inner literary daredevil… such as editing an anthology that melds horror (urban legends) and romance. I couldn’t wait to see what arrived in my inbox, and my slush pile didn’t disappoint. I gleefully read through sharp, clever re-imaginings of my very favorite legends, discovered new ones, and cheered at the surprisingly near-even split between straight and queer romances submitted. Here’s a snapshot of my slush pile:

Submission period: 61 days

Submissions received: 46

Shortlisted: 13 (28%)

“Hook” stories: 8 (17%)

“Bloody Mary” stories: 8 (17%)

“Woman in White” stories: 3 (7%)

“Vanishing Hitchhiker” stories: 3 (7%)

“Choking Doberman” stories: 1 (2%)

“Ouija Board” stories: 2 (4%)

Local U.S. legends (unique to specific areas): 6 (13%)

Japanese legends (fox spirits, slit-mouthed woman, etc.): 3 (7%)

U.K. legends (haunted moors/inns/forests): 4 (9%)

South Africa legends (Pinky-pinky): 2 (4%)

Other (mixed or uncategorized legends): 6 (13%)

Stories with straight romantic interests (m/f): 24 (52%)

Stories with diverse romantic interests (m/m, f/f, m/f/m): 22 (48%)

Stories shortlisted after a revise-and-resubmit request: 2 (4%)

Laura Harvey is an editor, writer, bibliophile, horsewoman, historian, teacher, debate coach, nerd, DIY junkie and occasional rescuer of kittens. She holds a BA, MA, and is ABD, making her an exceptional asset in Trivial Pursuit. She loves reading so much that all of her handbags share one crucial ability: fitting a standard paperback or Kindle. She lives in northern California with a menagerie of beasts (dogs, cats, horses, and family members). Her previous anthology efforts include Demons, Imps and Incubi from World Weaver Press.

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