To celebrate the expanded distribution of Legendary we’ve decided to shine a spotlight on it here at our blog. And what better way to close out the week than by highlighting some of the reviews this anthology has received since it came out? Further proof that it’s not just our bias that makes us at Pen and Kink think this anthology is something special.

A compact and appealing collection of retooled urban legends and modern folklore. The romantic bent of each story adds an extra layer of surprise and pay-off at the end. ‘La Vie En Rose’ and ‘Vanishing Point’ stood out as sweet, unusual love stories, while ‘The Hook’ has a bittersweet and effective mix of true-to-life trauma and happy endings. A great anthology for fans of urban legends and colorful, non-standard romance.


reviewer, Goodreads

Loved the new look at urban legends with a romantic twist. At one point a actually yelled NO that can’t be the end. This book definitely made my reread list. What a great idea!!!!!! If I had to pick a favorite I am not sure I could I loved something about each and everyone of them. Cabnot wait to read more. Hats off Ladies and Gents now get back to writing so I can read more.


reviewer, Amazon

Classic rewrites include the guy with the hook, the white lady, the disappearing hitchhiker, and even my aforementioned nemesis of mirror urban legends.

It’s so hard for me to pick just one. I can’t. I won’t. You can’t make me.

Randi Perrin

author, Virtue of Death

One aspect that stood out is that there is a variety of romantic points of view. In other words, you will not only be reading about heterosexual romantic relationships. Men in love with men and women in love with women are also represented. I found that unexpected and refreshing.

As a whole, the tales are spooky and entertaining.


reviewer, Amazon

Nice collection of five entertaining stories blending horror, suspense, the supernatural, and romance. Really enjoyed them all.

Ian D

reviewer, Goodreads


If you haven’t read Legendary yet now is a perfect time to change that. And if you have, please consider leaving an honest review for it.

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