A year ago we released the first book in the Enchanted trilogy! Magic Spark contains stories by Wendy Sparrow, Em Shotwell, and Sara Dobie Bauer that mix magic and romance.

To celebrate the release, we’re highlighting some of the fun posts and promotions that were done. If you’ve read Magic Spark, these posts will be a behind-the-scenes peek at the stories. If you haven’t read Magic Spark yet, hopefully these posts will entice you to pick it up.


When Opposites Attract

Guest post by Wendy Sparrow

When I was asked to contribute to the Enchanted anthologies, I knew I wanted a sort of opposites attract relationship. When I latched on to using demigods, I decided I wanted demigods on opposite sides of the spectrum to balance out each other. In real life, when seemingly opposites attract, that’s both a source of conflict and a reason for attraction and I wanted to take it to the next level.

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The Murphy Sisters of New Orleans

Guest Post by Em Shotwell

New Orleans is where their happiest childhood memories are housed, so it was only natural that it is the city where they would settle as adults. Even though their Grandma has passed, her sugary pink house in uptown New Orleans is still their home base (because how could you ever leave a house that can feel your thoughts and lift your spirits?). Each sister has made her way in the world by forging her own path—each leading a life as different from the others as possible. They are still connected, however, through love and magic.

Since the women live in New Orleans (a city as known for its booziness as much as its colorful characters and rich history) I thought it would be fun to check out in which bars you would likely find each Murphey sister.

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Take my high recommendation that you need to pick up this collection of outstanding stories. I can’t express enough how much I was immersed in this book. To give you an idea how much I love this I’m gonna tell you my first thoughts when I finished reading. ‘ this book went from super fun to crazy, to down right explosive’

E.A. Walsh

Amazon Review of Magic Spark


Character Costumes: Why Clothes Matter

Guest post by Sara Dobie Bauer

While prepping to write the Enchanted series, I started my character bios. If, as an author, you don’t write full character bios, I suggest you do. Important information can range from first kiss to favorite ice cream to phobias. Know your characters, and they’ll be more complex characters. But I digress …

A big part of my character bios for my three-part Enchanted series, “Destiny’s Dark Light,” had to do with clothes. What do clothes say about a person?

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