Text with the book title 'Destiny's Dark Light'

We are very excited to announce that this fall, just in time for Halloween, we will be releasing a deliciously spooky paranormal romance from Sara Dobie Bauer! Originally this novel was serialized in the Enchanted series but we’re very excited to have brought all the pieces together under one cover.

In modern day Charleston, two fated lovers meet at the beginning of a world-ending witch war…

Cyan Burroughs is a lonely light witch prophesied to battle the dreaded Dorcha—a dark sorcerer with the power to rule the world. There’s one problem: Cyan doesn’t have any powers of her own.

An unknown witch flips a trolley and causes mass carnage, and Cyan’s dormant magic awakens. When she drags handsome Irishman Liam Cody from the wreckage, she recognizes his face from her aunt’s psychic portraits. He is the man Cyan is destined to love.

As she and her magical family seek to unveil the murderous witch who caused the accident, Cyan and Liam grow closer, but Liam’s mysterious past is not the only thing keeping them apart.

Dark witches and light will soon fight to the death, and Cyan must face her calling. How can she protect Liam and win the war when her immense powers are barely under control?

The cover reveal is in September and release date in October. You’re not going to want to miss either!

For now, add it to your ‘To Be Read’ shelf on Goodreads.



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