We can’t wait to share the fourth book in our Triskaidekaphilia series, Haunted.

Because we’re so excited, we’re going to give you a sneak peek at the stories as we countdown the days until the September 13th release.

Today we share The Legacy by A.K. Alexander.


The Legacy

by A. K. Alexander



Bean sidhe.



Mouth stretched in pain. Scream tearing through the night. An unlucky soul dead on the moor, a fool who came close enough to hear.

I think my name was Eilis. It’s hard to remember.

The flutter of veils caught my attention. So pale in the moonlight. I looked a bride. Only for one night was I a bride. I didn’t want it—I think. It broke my heart. Someone broke my heart.

But he killed me.

The anger comes again.

I scream.



I saw her today. They tell me I couldn’t have. She’s dead, Kiera. She’s dead. I went to her grave. I went to her grave. But I did see her. My Eilis. My beauty. I know I saw her. It had been four years since she died.

I knew what she was, I remembered Gran’s stories. Banshee. My darling.

They said it was an accident. Her death on the night she married. An accident. But banshees don’t come from that kind of death. I knew the truth. I knew what Jacob had done to my Eilis. I wanted to kill him for her, to avenge my darling.

I wanted to be with her.

There was only one way to do that. My heart was already broken, now I just I had to be a bride.

I just had to die.



A newly minted resident of the PNW. I spent four years getting a degree in Fine Art and another year cleaning dirt off of artifacts, paintings and on occasion putting bones back together, traipsing through tombs and being offered roasted lizards. When that passion didn’t pan out, I returned to my one true love–writing.

Find her online at her website or on Twitter.







Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned

Not all ghost stories are simple sightings and things going bump in the night. Not all ghosts are left behind because of simple unfinished business. No, sometimes that unfinished business is messy, complicated, and even deadly.

These are not your typical ghost stories—they are desire, love, and most importantly, revenge—all rolled into one. Revenge for a love stolen away, a love that never was, a retribution for a horrific act, or even an act of war.

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