Vampires have lurked in the shadows for centuries. They exist in many cultures, though they don’t always go by the name vampire, they do feed off people’s life essence in some way.

Bram Stoker popularized the modern European vampire with his book, Dracula using the legend of Vlad Dracul (Vlad the Impaler), a prince in Wallachia in the 15th century. He created what we typically think of as a vampire today.

The myth has changed over the years. Anne Rice brought a more human side to vampires with her novel, Interview With The Vampire, in 1976. Instead of blood thirsty killers, Rice wrote about vampires living a tortured existence, searching for their place in the world.

Over the coming weeks, we will feature guest bloggers who will take a closer look at vampires as Pen and Kink Publishing prepare to open to submission for Ravenous on November first.

Do you have a favourite vampire book, movie, or character?

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