Introducing the first book in the Triskaidekaphilia series: Legendary!

Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary.

The man with a hook for a hand was in the backseat of her car!

…the call is coming from inside the house!

Urban legends. We’ve all heard them, we’ve all told them. They fill the role that fairy tales once held¬—morality tales meant to frighten us into sticking with the herd, obeying the rules and not taking any chances. In most urban legends once someone transgresses—by breaking a rule, getting intoxicated or (gasp!) having sex—we know things are not going to end well for them.

We thought it would be fun to take that idea and stand it on its head by doing an urban legends romance anthology. We’re looking for stories inspired by recognizable urban legends, but with a romantic twist.

Open for Submissions June 1st



We held a contest when we first announced this anthology to help us name it. The winner is Elizabeth who suggested “Legendary Love”. We didn’t use her suggestion exactly, but pretty close 🙂 Congratulations, Elizabeth, you win a free copy of Legendary when it becomes available!

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