Cori VidaeWe thought it might be fun to get to know a little bit about the people behind the names here at Pen and Kink publishing. With that in mind, Elesha Teskey interviewed Cori Vidae. If you have any questions we missed, ask away–we’ll be happy to answer 🙂


1) Why did you decide to start P&K?
Originally Pen and Kink was intended to be a publishing house in name only–a name for me to use to publish my Erotica Under Glass under, and a central website to link to all my books from. Then the unexpected happened, unexpectedly (as is its wont). The intended publisher for two anthologies I was working on pulled their support of the projects. I could have let them die, but instead I decided to make room for them here and turn this into a real micro press. So far it’s been equal parts exciting and terrifying, but I’m taking that as a sign that it was the right thing to do 🙂


2) What do you love most about editing? writing?
There is something incredibly fulfilling about taking a story a good story and helping to turn it into a great story. I adore identifying the rough patches and helping authors figure out how best to polish them up. Editing is actually my second favourite part of the writing process too. I love making things up, and I love editing. The step in between? The one where you have to actually put the words on the page? That’s where I struggle. True story: Sometimes the only thing that motivates me to finish a first draft is the knowledge that I can only edit words after they are on the page.


3) What is Erotica Under Glass?
Short version? It’s my attempt to make at least some of my writing process interactive. My readers or myself choose a theme and then using their prompts (or things I come up with on my own) I write a series of “short” stories–some are shorter than others. I share excerpts and sneak peeks during the process and then, once I have all the stories typed up I make them available for ‘sponsorship’ on my website. Long version –> What is Erotica Under Glass?
I’m actually a bit behind on typing up stories from the last theme, in part because of the launch of Pen and Kink Publishing, but my first ‘Erotica Under Glass’ title is out now (Of Water) and I hope to get back on the horse very soon.


4) Do you have a favourite spot to read/write?
In bed. For both. I write most of my first drafts offline with a pen and paper and I prefer to do that sprawled out on my bed surrounded by my pets… that’s also how I prefer to read.


5) What are some of your hobbies?
I like photography and taking long walks (preferably with my camera) but I do live in a winter city and have a huge aversion to the cold, so that’s only practical for a small portion of the year. I love stories wherever I can find them, whether that’s in books, plays, movies or Netflix, it’s all the same to me (and best of all, usually warm). I also play tabletop RPGs and an unhealthy amount of video games 🙂


6) What inspires you?
People, mostly.


7) What was your first job?
Babysitting. I was babysitting when I was far, far too young to be trusted with a plant let alone another human being, but there you go. Aside from babysitting my first job was actually picking flowers. I’m not kidding. I worked for a couple who grew statice, dried it out and sold it to florists and at farmer’s markets and such. It was pretty hard on my back, but I got to be outside in the sunshine and lost in my own thoughts, which is pretty sweet.


8) What’s something people may not know about you?
I have a ferocious addiction to Diet Doctor Pepper. Actually, I guess anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that. Uh… oh! I know! I have twenty-two wings tattooed on my body. True story!


Cori Vidae has over fifteen years experience in various roles in the publishing industry. In the past, she has used various pen names to provide top notch erotic story content to some of the biggest names in the adult entertainment industry, written well-reviewed erotic novels, worked as an editor for a romance small press and even, once upon a time, was a cover model. Her website can be found at

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