Pen and Kink Publishing was originally intended to exclusively publish the work of Cori Vidae but when the intended publisher of two anthologies she had in process folded, plans changed. Now, we are a micro press that publishes a tiny number of titles each year–but what we lack in quantity we more than make up for in quality.

Our titles range from kinky to vanilla, run the full range of heat levels from sweet to fiery.

We are not open to unsolicited novel submissions at this time but check our Call for Submissions page to see if we’re accepting short stories for one of our anthologies.

Who We Are:


Cori Vidae Cori Vidae has over fifteen years experience in various roles in the publishing industry. In addition to Pen and Kink Publishing, she currently runs a micro press specializing in another genre–one within which she is an award-nominated poet and hybrid author.

In the past, she has used various pen names to provide top notch erotic story content to some of the biggest names in the adult entertainment industry, written well-reviewed erotic novels, worked as an editor for a romance small press and even, once upon a time, was a cover model.

She is equally excited and terrified about this, her newest venture.


E_TeskeyElesha Teskey worked as a radio News Director for ten years and in communications. She’s never caught without a book to read and purchases purses based on whether or not books fit into them. She’s thrilled to be helping put books into the world and promoting them.

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